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Solar Powered Home Loans was born in June 2010 after the collapse of the Governments Green Loans scheme six months earlier. We do not engage in credit activities directly but refer to a team of fully qualified brokers to look after your needs. We simply wanted to help people have an affordable way to put a decent solar system upgrade onto their home in a way that pays off better all round. We can show you how using the money that you save on power &/or the credits you receive for selling power back to the grid to pay off your home loan quicker and save years & thousands of dollars on your home loan.

Solar Powered Home Loans win the ClimateSmart Clean Energy Innovation Award

Premier and Minister for Reconstruction
The Honourable Anna Bligh


Environment and Resource Management
The Honourable Kate Jones

Friday, June 10, 2011

Solar Home Loans recognised in Premier’s ClimateSmart Sustainability Awards for great option for Solar Finance.

A Brisbane mortgage broker has won a top environmental award at the Premier’s ClimateSmart Sustainability Awards.

Premier and Minister for Reconstruction Anna Bligh andMinister for Environment and Resource Management Kate Jones congratulated Aussie Paddington which was presented with the ClimateSmart Clean Energy Innovation Award at a ceremony in Brisbane tonight.

Aussie Paddington’s Solar Powered Home Loans has given homeowners a cost effective way to install solar power and save on their power bills and their mortgages,” Ms Bligh said.

“By putting money saved on electricity bills towards their home loan, homeowners can pay off their home sooner.

“They could also use these savings to invest in a bigger solar energy system and keep their bills down.

“Solar Powered Home Loans is a great example of how Queensland households can take advantage of the benefits of solar power while achieving their dream of owning their own home sooner.”

Ms Jones congratulated all the finalists, who faced tough competition with 154 nominations across 11 categories from community groups, small and large business and industry.

“All finalists displayed an exceptionally high level of innovation to develop a range of products and practices that reduce the use of water and energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions,” Ms Jones said.

“They also demonstrated that being sustainable can be rewarding on many different levels, supporting our Government’s Q2 aims of promoting a stronger, smarter and greener Queensland.

“The Queensland Government has introduced a range of initiatives to help families save money and protect our environment such as the hugely popular ClimateSmart Home Service and the Solar Bonus Scheme, helping families save money on electricity bills while also improving energy conservation.

“Aussie Paddington’s Solar Powered Home Loans complements these initiatives and is a shining example to other Queenslanders of the rewarding results of becoming sustainable.” They work with many solar partners to make it easy for households to bring solar power a reality to their home.

The Premier’s ClimateSmart Sustainability Awards program is the Queensland Government’s highest recognition of community and business leadership in sustainability, innovation and eco-efficiency.

If you would like more information head to our contact page and enquire how we can help you.

Ms Jones also thanked this year’s sponsors, in particular Australian Country Choice and Coles, Bendigo Bank, Carlton United Breweries, Ecofund Queensland, Energex, Leighton Contractors, Office of Clean Energy, QSEIF, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd, SEQ Catchments and Xstrata.

Finance your solar Upgrade


There are a lot of good reasons to add a solar upgrade to your home, save money, reduce your carbon foot print and make your home more sustainable. But one of the biggest hurdles for householders is “how do I get the maximum benefit with the least amount out of pocket?”. Solar Finance for solar power can be done in many ways, but we believe that the best way is to use a solar powered home loan. Since the collapse of the Governments “Green Loans Scheme” there really hasn’t been a good alternative to help the average household pay for a solar upgrade, until now. With a Solar Powered Home Loan, we can show you how to finance your solar system, and save money on your home loan at the same time. It just seems like a “No Brainer”. Even if your property is an investment property, imagine what you could get for rent on a property that came with a $Zero electricity bill, or even a credit. Do you think you would have trouble finding a tennent? We have helped loads of Aussie households already, to get solar finance for solar power in a way that saves money and saves the planet.

Councils join efforts to boost green power


LOCAL councils have joined to help residents lower their carbon emissions – and power bills.

The Local Government Association, in conjunction with ZEN Home Energy Systems, has been running information sessions and free home assessments for those wanting to install the solar panel system.

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Solar PV (Photovoltaic)


Solar photovoltaic – how it works

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of homes and businesses capture the sun’s energy to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. Light energy is converted directly into electricity by transferring sunlight photon energy into electrical energy. This conversion takes place within cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals.

While it might be true that solar cannot generate electricity all the time, it does generate electricity when it is needed most – during the day and on hot sunny days when electricity demand is at its peak driven by air-conditioners.

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Solar power trial for Parliament House

Roof top solar panels will be installed at Parliament House as part of a renewable energy solution to meet the building’s power requirements.

Deputy Secretary for the Department of Parliamentary Services, David Kenny, said parliament’s cooling and heating systems were 22 years old and would need to be replaced in the near future. “Our energy strategic plan identified the need to explore alternative forms of power as well as ways of using less power and obviously solar is one that is quite well known and understood.”

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